My photographs come in three ways: Mounted Fine Art Prints, Canvas or Diamond mounts.

Mounted Fine Art Prints (Archival, acid-free paper):

Fine art paper is an exquisite way of displaying and protecting your images.

I offer watercolour paper (textured) 310 gsm fine art paper.

With museum quality fine art papers, professional print and colour management, you can be confident that you are getting the finest art prints in Singapore.

Fine art paper is very different from standard paper.  

Normal paper is made by crushing timber into pulp, then refining it to create paper. While great for photocopying, paper made this way is not suitable for fine art reproduction. The wood pulp contains lots of impurities that reduce the lifespan of the print significantly.

Instead of wood pulp, the fine art papers we are using are made from 100% cotton rag.  This is high grade cotton which has been rolled into an extremely high quality printing paper.

The fine art paper I am using is comparable to premium products such as Hahnemuhle 308. I take this paper and print using the latest genuine Lucia Pro pigment inks from Canon. This ink/paper combination is certified to last 25 years without fading.

Some photographs are special. They warrant being showcased made to last. These images are ideal candidates for art mounts.

I offer 2 different mat boards for your choosing to further beautify the framed image.

  • White + White core

  • Black + Black core

Please note that, in certain cases, when an image’s light or colouring dictates it, there may only be one appropriate match proposed.

The art mounts I am using are archival, acid-free and museum-grade and they come fully assembled.

My Mounted Fine Art Prints are all printed and handcrafted in Singapore.


Canvas printing is a process in which a photograph is printed on a piece of high-quality canvas and then stretched across a hardwood frame.

The canvas I use is from North America, made of cotton blend to ensure a more consistent product, acid free, water-resistant, archival rated to 75+ years.

Each of my canvas prints are sprayed with two coats of a protective laminate. This is an essential step that ensures your canvas print lasts as long as possible. The process involves spraying a sealing layer of the protective coating over the entire print.

My Canvas are all printed and handcrafted in Singapore.

Diamond mount (Frameless acrylic prints):

Diamond Mounts are photos mounted on diamond-polished acrylic sheets, ready-to-mount on walls

  • Image printed using archival inks on professional photographic paper
  • Mounted using optically-clear, non-yellowing, pH-neutral adhesive
  • Mounting of artwork on certified diamond-polished acrylics
  • A structural aluminium frame at the back for hanging
  • Available in 14 popular sizes
  • 35 year guarantee
  • Print comes ready-to-hang

All of my diamond mounts are handcrafted in Singapore.

If the information above is not clear to you, if you have any doubt or if you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me, using the "Contact me" button in the main menu.